Top 4 benefits of Neo Light: intelligent SMT reel storage system

Neo Light Plus with Enhanced Pick to Light (EPTL) technology provides four key benefits to electronics manufacturing providers

Top 4 benefits of Enhanced Pick to Light system1. Accuracy

Pick to Light is a proven technology that provides near 100% accuracy to even the newest operators in the field. 

Scanning process is widely utilized to provide additional validation checks such as part number, lot, and location.


For large quantity picks it is boring process.Neo Light can eliminate this step as it can monitor the portions of the work instruction/order based pick. So instead of an operator picking all required items at a time, and keeping track of the count in their head, with location sensor Neo Light Plus will ensure a manageable picking process. Overall creating an experience that is highly efficient for both the operation and the employee.

Top 4 benefits of Enhanced Pick to Light system2. Velocity

Pick to light has commonly been used to facilitate operations needing to move and sort high velocity items. This isn’t a requirement of the technology; however, it speaks to the speed of picking that pick to light systems offer. There are many factors to consider when calculating your potential pick speed: lines/order, units/line, walking distance, scanning requirements, etc.


Regardless of those requirements, EPTL has proven to be a faster technology than traditional PTL, pick to light methods (paper, scanning ), and has an accuracy rate of 99.9%. It is important to understand these factors that drive the process to not over/underestimate the expected operator’s productivity.

Top 4 benefits of Enhanced Pick to Light system3. Ease of Use

One of the most valuable benefits of Neo Light Plus system, is the minimal learning curve to utilize the technology.


As the pandemic continues to run its course, operations do not have the luxury to train employees for multiple weeks and get them used to standard operating practices or cumbersome technologies.

Neo Light Plus, EPTL, allows operations supervisors to insert new operators at will. Scan the reels barcode, look for the light, picking… This greatly reduces walk time and travel of the operators compared to searching a large warehouse on foot with paper picking…

Top 4 benefits of Enhanced Pick to Light system


Robotic and connected sensor technology are now mainstream throughout most factories, with Neo Light Plus IoT features allows manufacturers to gather materials information in real time.

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