Product &Technology

SMD BOX family provides intelligent SMD component storage solution. SMD BOX SISO is entry level electronics component storage system  SMD BOX MIMO can receive stacked reel materials from AGV and a true autonomous system. SMD BOX DUO is dual module system can store up to 2500 reels. SMD BOX HYBRID can help you on materials like solder paste, PCB, even feeders.  MSL control is also our offer if required.

Neo Light PTL
SMT component storage rack, SMT reel storage solution,SMT reel storage system
Neo Light Plus
Intelligent SMT reel storage rack, SMT component position checking
Neo Light Mobile
Mobile SMT component storage rack
Neo Light Mobile Plus
Mobile reel rack ,SMT component storage rack
Neo Light Stencil
SMT stencil storage, SMT stencil storage solution