The 4V of Intelligent SMD Storage Solution

Whether starting off with automation or maturing your existing electronics materials management to pursue more intelligent storage solution, there are 4V( velocity, volume, value, variety) that will be critical to your success.

The 4V of Intelligent Storage Solution

Knowing the 4 V's will support the decision making process regarding the automated, even autonomous, storage system during early conceptual design phase while also allowing the organization to become more result-oriented.



Volume, the first of the 4 V, refers to the number of materials that exists in your facility. Volume is like the base data, as it is the initial size and amount of materials to be controlled. If the volume of data is large enough, then high density storage system like SMD BOX XLR should be considered. What is considered to be big is relative, though, and will change depending on the available storage system that's on the market. ie Neotel SMD BOX XLR could store up 14400 reels and some suppliers can only work with 2-3k reels per system.



It refers to how quickly work instruction is generated and how quickly that materials stored and retrieved. This is an important aspect for companies need that need their materials to flow quickly, so it's available at the right times and supplying their production at the best. Modularity and Scalability is considered as the key factor of SMD BOX system designed by Neotel Technology.

The 4V of Intelligent Storage Solution

An organization that has large amount material to be managed will have a large and continuous flow of data that is being created and sent to master system like ERP/MES. This data needs to be digested and analyzed quickly, and sometimes in near real time. Browser based Neotel SMF software will ensure information streamlined to decision maker’s screen,


The 4V of Intelligent Storage Solution

Variety refers to the diversity of material type. An organization might obtain parts from several different suppliers, which may vary in package, shape, design. The challenge in variety concerns the automated and distribution of all materials being collected. Neotel Technology is responding to the customer requiring vary material types like reels, trays, container, pcb, solder paste…



The value chosen material storage solution can provide, it relates directly to what function it replaced labor with automation process like material recognition, sorting, searching ,storage and retrieval..

Other than automation side user should be able to pull value from information generated from system running is a requirement, as the value of data increases significantly depending on the data flow that can be gained from them.

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