Products &Technology

Neotel Technology is committed to providing comprehensive and systematic technical solutions for industry users in the field of intelligent materials management. Users cover automotive electronics, marine, aerospace, industrial electrical, consumer electronics and many other fields. Based on our efforts,we have developed a variety of equipment including SMD BOX, Neo Counter, Neo Light, Neo Scan system. 
Neo Light PTL
SMT component storage rack, SMT reel storage solution,SMT reel storage system
Neo Light Plus
Intelligent SMT reel storage rack, SMT component position checking
Neo Light Mobile
Mobile SMT component storage rack
Inline intelligent SMD storage system
Neo Light Mobile Plus
Mobile reel rack ,SMT component storage rack
Neo Light Stencil: SMT stencil storage
SMT stencil storage, SMT stencil storage solution
Neo counter X400:X-ray counter
Neo Counter X400: Xray component counter,offline xray counter
Neo Station: Light Guided Assembly Station
Digitalize your manual PCB assembly
NT: Dynamic/static testing, ROSE